Serena Tom brings you through one of her amazing "Strong Body" yoga flow which is a combination of flexibility, strength, and intensity. This yoga workout will surely leave you feeling great! Check out more of Serena on
Serna Tom sets the bar high with this tough, but amazing power yoga flow class. This class is full of continuous movement and will challenge you like you wouldn't believe. It's only 30 minutes! Check out more of Serena and other videos on
Serena Tom progresses you to the next part of her series: Legs! This flow is a flow focusing on strengthening and stretching the legs out a bit more than usual. Try this one out as well as the other "StrongBody Series"!
Serena throws you another Strong Body workout. This time its mixed with intensity intervals that will ramp your heart rate up a bit more than usual. Try this one out and follow along with her full Strong Body series on
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